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How to Watch AFL Live Stream 2018 Online

The AFL Grand Final 2018 is here with us. The competition kicked off on Thursday, 22 March 2018 and shall end on Saturday, 29 September 2018. As the competition races to the finishing line, a football enthusiast of your kind ought to prepare adequately for the finals.

There are three main avenues through which you may catch the finals. These include the digital terrestrial platform, the satellite television platform, and the internet platform. However, the internet platform is by far the most suitable avenue to catch these finals, all factors considered.

This stems mainly from the fact that it is unaffected by the inconveniences that affect the normal channels. These include constant advertisements, limited geographical locales, harsh weather conditions, and poor picture quality.
It is for these reasons that you would desperately want to leverage this platform as opposed to the remaining two. We are here to help you get started. We are going to guide you through the relevant significant steps you need to follow to actual this.


How to watch AFL Grand final 2018 live stream

In order to watch the upcoming Australian Football League finals, you have to carry out the following background

Preparatory steps:

Determine the most Relevant Channel

There are so many channels through which you may view the upcoming finals. These include free streaming sites, sporting television sites, and social media. Determine which of these channels is most relevant to you. Most of these channels are restricted to particular geographic locales and so may not be accessible everywhere.

Identify the most Appropriate Device

You should also determine which device is most suited for your unique circumstance. The most common devices for such streaming are laptops, smartphones, smart televisions, and tablets. The factors to consider while doing this are the total number of viewers, the screen size, sound quality, and battery life.

Choose the most Reliable Data Provider

Streaming such contents do consume plenty of data. You should, therefore, make the appropriate arrangements in advance. Choose the most reliable data provider in your area. Let them advise you on the amount of data you might need and the costs thereof. Settle on the right bundle and plan the purchase well before the commencement of the matches.

Enroll in the best possible Data Plan

After you have selected and settled on the most reliable data provider, proceed to find out the best data plan they have in store. Generally speaking, the best data plan has to be sufficient for the entire streaming duration, have to be affordable, and of course, reliable. You may also wish to compare the pans that are offered by various data service providers.

Take note of the Time Schedule

While making these arrangements, take note of the time schedules I which the matches shall be played. This is crucial for two reasons. For one, most data bundles are valid for a fixed duration of time after which they expire. You should be sure that your plan shall be in force throughout the entire duration of the matches. Secondly, you need to have this time right to avoid skipping the matches altogether.

Establish the Necessary Connections

To be able to stream contents online, you have to establish some connections. You have to connect your device to the modem, router, Wi-Fi device, or network cable. This has to be followed by establishing the authentication and access connections. Find an IT professional to help you out if you lack the necessary technical expertise.

Acquire some basic Troubleshooting Skills

Even though you need not establish the said connections on your own, you will definitely have to troubleshoot the network connections from time to time. This is because these connections and the devices do sustain issues from time to time. For this reason, you will definitely have to acquire some basic troubleshooting skills to help you out.

AFL Grand final live streaming on different devices

Some of the devices through which you may view the upcoming matches are as follows:


Smartphones are cell phones that have the capabilities of smaller computers such as laptops and tablets. They do have a touchscreen interface and powerful operating systems. They are well able to handle data at faster speeds, download huge volumes of videos, and stream online contents, among others. They are mainly recommended for a streaming while on the go. They do have limited battery power and are hence unsuitable for long-term continual usage.


Laptops are small computers. They take up less space, are highly portable, and derive their power from batteries. These notwithstanding, they still have the same, and sometimes greater computing power than most desktop computers. They are thus well able to stream contents from the internet faster and more reliably. Their smaller screen sizes, however, make them unsuitable for whole family viewing.


Tablets lie in between the smartphones and the laptops. They incorporate both features and benefits of laptops and smartphones. Their main strength lies in the larger screens and a fair degree of portability. They are mainly suitable for streaming while on the go. They may also be viewed by more than one person at a time.

Smart Televisions

Smart televisions are digital television sets which have the ability to stream contents from the internet. They ordinarily possess larger screens and cost premium amounts of money. Their large screen sizes make them suitable for whole family use. If your desire to stream the upcoming AFL Grand Final match is dictated by the need to accommodate the whole family, this indeed is the option for your taking.

How To AFL Grand final Live Stream Free

There are two main types of internet streaming. These are the free streaming and the paid or premium streaming. The free streaming option is just that, free. You do not have to pay any subscription or access fees at all. Follow the steps below to stream contents in this manner:

Step I: Acquire the Preferred Streaming Device

Start off by determining and acquiring your preferred streaming device. As stated above, you have five main choices from which to select. These are smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and smart televisions. The right device is dictated mainly by the number of viewers you intend to accommodate at any given time and the exact location of streaming.

Step II: Select the most Suitable Free Streaming Site

Just like the devices mentioned above, there exist several free streaming sites for you to choose from. Some of the free streaming sites you might want to start with are 123 Vidz, 1337X, FMovies, Sony Crackle, SpaceMov, Viewstar, of course, YouTube! Please note that they may not really air the upcoming matches. You, therefore, have to confirm before settling on any.

Step III: Sign up for a Suitable Data Plan

Find out the best and most reliable data provider. Follow this with identifying the best data plan. You should factor the cost of the data, duration of the plan, and the quantity thereof. Be sure that it coincides with the time when the matches shall be aired to prevent you from being taken off the air.

Step IV: Establish the Necessary Physical and Technical Connections

Connect your device to the data service provider you will have settled on. Bring in an expert to help you out in this more so if you lack the required technical skills. It is at this point that you have to gain the necessary authentication and access keys such as passwords, PINs, and username.

Step V: Commence Streaming

Now you are good to go! Commence streaming and enjoy your matches.

AFL Grand final Live Stream 2018 Paid

The procedure of streaming from premium sites differ slightly from the one for free sites described above. The following are the step-by-step procedures for leveraging this option:

Step I: Acquire the Preferred Streaming Device

Start off by identifying and acquiring your preferred streaming device. As stated, the laptops, smartphones, smart televisions, desktops, and tablets are the ones to choose from. The same factors that underlie the selection of the right device for free streaming apply here also.

Step II: Choose the most Suitable Bouquet or Package

Next, select the right premium content provider. Each provider does avail the services via a series of bouquet or packages. Skim the bouquets or packages on offer and select the one that most suits your budget, lifestyle, and of course, financial resource endowment. The best bouquet has to be cheap and comprehensive in scope.

Step III: Acquire the Relevant Authentication and Access Keys

These premium content providers have unique ways of identifying, tracking and engaging their clients. They do so by assigning unique identification and authentication to their clients. Be sure to acquire the relevant keys for the sake of your future convenience.

Step IV: Enroll in a Suitable Data Plan

Now identify and enroll in the most appropriate data plan. As explained above, the right data plan has to be of the right quantity, the most affordable price and coincides with the duration of the matches. To arrive at the best ever decision, compare the plans that are provided by the various data companies. Look at their terms of references and costs.

Step V: Establish the Necessary Connections and Commence Streaming

Finish off by connecting your device to the network of the data service provider. Proceed by activating your account with the premium content provider. It is at this point that you will pay your subscription fees. You are now good to go! You may now start streaming contents and enjoying the matches.

2018 AFL Grand final Live Stream with social media

The social media is increasingly becoming an avenue through which video contents may be streamed. Some of the top social media sites that facilitate this are Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. Follow the steps below to stream contents via these social media platforms:

Step I: Determine and Select the most suitable Platform

Start out by determining the most suitable platform for you. YouTube is by far the best platform, all factors taken into consideration. This is because it provides adequate support to all companies that stream contents via its infrastructure such as television companies. Its connections are more reliable whereas its data transfer rates are also higher. It, therefore, gives rise to clearer images.

Step II: Identify the best ‘Channel’, ‘Page’, or ‘Handle’

Follow this by determining the most suitable ‘channel’, ‘page’ or ‘handle’ via which to stream the contents. These are basically your ordinary television stations but which nonetheless use the social media platforms to relay their contents. Find out the best television station to work with.

Step III: Enroll in a suitable Data Plan

Find out the best data service provider and the right data plan. A good provider has to have a robust customer care department, affordable pricing regime, and provide reliable services and connections. Identify and enroll in the data plan that is stable, of the right quantity, and valid for the entire duration of the upcoming matches.
Step IV: Connect the Device and Activate the Account
Connect your device to the network of the data service provider. Proceed to activate your account in the ‘channel’, ‘page’ or ‘handle’ which you will have identified.

Step V: Start Streaming

You are now ready to start streaming. Go ahead and enjoy your matches!


Well, you have undoubtedly received the guidance you desperately require to stream the upcoming contents seamlessly. As you may well have realized, these steps are too detailed and meticulous for an ordinary person of your caliber to navigate effectively.

In light of this, you definitely have to invoke the assistance of an experienced technician to help you out. Find a certified technician, preferably from the company that offers the data services or those that stream the contents. Let the technician walk with you the entire length and breadth of the exercise.
In all, the Australian Football League is a very interesting tournament. You just cannot afford to miss it. You, therefore, have to make every effort to see to it that you miss not the upcoming matches. Given that the final match is four months away, it is not too late for you to start preparing. Assemble the devices and make arrangements for the data subscriptions right away! Best of luck as you go about it…

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