Manchester City All Matches Live Stream

Manchester City

Throughout the upcoming English Premier League, Manchester City shall play a total of 6 matches. These shall be against Arsenal, Wolves, Fulham, Huddersfield, New Castle, and Cardiff City, respectively. The matches shall commence on the 12th of August and run through to the 22nd of September 2018. These matches shall be beamed to the global audience via various platforms and signal transmission mechanisms. You will be able to view them live via the internet through the following means:

Free Streaming Sites:

Some site will also stream these matches free-of-charge. These include the ordinary YouTube, Facebook, and various sports channels worldwide. However, these avenues are unreliable given that they are restricted to specific geographical locales. They will only beam segments of the matches like goals, free kicks, and fouls. You will thus have to seek other alternatives to be able to capture the entire matches.

Premium Streaming Sites:

Certain sites may also charge a premium to avail this tournament to you. You have to create an account and purchase a subscription plan to be able to receive the signals. For the US audience, the GBP Sports is perhaps the most reliable option.

Official Website:

Lastly, the English Premier League also intends to stream these matches via its own official website.  The site has no adverts and is accompanied by a commentator. This is not to mention that the picture quality is also superb and great. You will not miss any match at all, as it is wholly dedicated to beaming all the matches.


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